Healthcare interpreting: research and practise

 Workshop by dr. Encarnacion Postigo Pinazo (University of Malaga, department of  Translation and Interpreting, Spain), and Dr. Hanneke Bot (Bot-bct) in cooperation with the University of Utrecht, Prof. Dr. T. Naaijkens.

The Workshop has been awarded 5 Permanent Education points for interpreters by the Bureau Wbtv, which holds the Dutch Registry of Sworn Interpreters and Translators.

Dr Postigo and dr Bot will give a overview of empirical research in interpreting in healthcare, illustrated with some research material (videofragments, transcripts) to discuss research methods, conclusions and ensuing dilemma’s.  

The discussion will focus on the results of the research so far and what they mean for the daily practice of interpreting.

At the end of the day we will focus on the future: do the participants  have research questions that they do not see addressed in present-day research projects?

The workshop is meant for students interested in interpreting and cross cultural communication; researchers and practising interpreters and envisages an active interaction between researchers, students and interpreters. The group will be limited to 20 participants, 10 places are reserved for interpreters.

A report of the workshop will be send to all participants and ways to publish it will be sought.

Date                 Wednesday 22nd  September 2010

Time                10.00 – 16.00 hrs with a lunch break

Language          English

Admission        85 euro

Venue               Cogis Foundation, Utrecht

Registration:     interested practising interpreters can send a mail to

Short biography of the presenters:

Dr. Encarnación Postigo Pinazo is senior lecturer at the University of Malaga, Spain.
Department of Translation and Interpreting. She wrote her PhD on contrastive linguistics (English and Spanish) and has twenty years’ experience teaching English as a second language, translation and interpreting. Her research interests are focussed on lexicography, translation, interpreting training and specialized translation. She published
 nationally and internationally. Amongst other activities, she has supervised research on community interpreting within postgraduate programs and has been involved in research and development projects dealing with multicultural communication.

Dr. Hanneke Bot is psychotherapist, she works asylum seekers and refugees in psychiatric care and cooperates with interpreters on a daily basis. She did her PhD research on the practice of interpreting in mental healthcare. She is still active in research and trains interpreters and health workers in the intricacies of the communication through an interpreter in healthcare. She will attend the Critical Link Conference in Birmingham, end of July 2010 –  and present a paper. So she will bring the latest news on the state of the art re interpreting in the public domain to the Netherlands.

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